Boho Summer Outfit


This outfit is a perfect summer boho outfit!  I want to share it with you guys because it was not only super cute, but totally affordable!

I loved the top from the moment I first saw it!  The rust really complements browns and tans. It’s great for a photo shoot or just a casual and cute outfit!

I bought it at Forever 21 for less than $10! I tried to find it online, but I couldn’t. However Forever 21 has lots of other shirts like this one! Just in case I missed it, it’s a Split – Neck Top in the shade Rust.

The sunglasses are from Forever 21. I especially like these because of the matte feel they had. Plus they were only $5.90.

Pretty much any distressed denim shorts work for this look, so this one’s up to you.

Just wanted to share this with you guys real quickly, because I think it’s super affordable and cute. Sorry I haven’t had a blog post for you in a while!

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