Morphe 35o Palette Review

I know I’m coming late to the party on this one, but today I’m reviewing the Morphe 35o Palette. This review though is not only for makeup lovers, but also for makeup beginners.

For the makeup experts and beginners alike I would recommend this. This palette has something for everyone. It contains 35 colors, both mattes and shimmers. It has all the basic colors plus a whole bunch more.

I loved pretty much every single color in this palette. I really loved all the light shimmer colors. They were all super pigmented and had gorgeous undertones.

One of the things that I would recommend when using this palette is using Makeup Forever’s Mist and Fix. You just spray a little on your shadow brush, and then dip in. The shadows come out way more pigmented. Plus, a little bit goes a long way.

The only thing I didn’t like about this palette was there was a LOT of fallout. However you can cover it up with concealer or do your eyeshadow first. 

Ultimately, I would say if there is one palette you need, it would be this one. You can do a wide variety of different looks and even without the Mist and Fix, it has tons of pigment. I would definitely recommend this palette!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave suggestions for my next blog post.

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