Outfit of the Day from Target

Just wanted to share a quick outfit of the day with you guys! 

This top came from Target and costs $20.99. I love it because its material is really thin and airy, so it’s perfect for Summer. This is the case for pretty much all of Target’s Summer clothing line.

I couldn’t find the shirt online, but I see it in stores pretty much every time I go in.

The sunglasses are also from Target. I bought them for $14.99. I think these are really cute because the lense is colored, and it really adds a pop of color to the look!

This hat is from Charlotte Russe. I bought this for around $6.99. I couldn’t find this one online either, but you can find hats like this pretty much anywhere.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you want more outfit posts!

35 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day from Target

              1. Just wondering how you felt about the election that’s happening in America! I’m just amusing you are American and who you would vote for I’m just so interested as I am an aspiring journalist and I love American politics it’s more fun x


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