Desert Vibes Outfit from Forever 21

The items I’m mentioning  in today’s post are some of my favorite staples that I’m constantly grabbing.

I purchased this super cute brown/rust tank the other day at Forever 21, and I have loved wearing it so much ever since I bought it. It’s such a cute option because of its light airy material. Plus, if you want to wear it for winter, you can pair it with some type of jacket. I used a jean jacket, and it went really nicely with it. The style of this top works great for any season.

I also paired it with a pair of Sunglasses I bought from Target, and a choker I bought from Forever 21. I love these shades because of their colored lenses. I wear so much black, that they always add a pop of color to my look.  I  also definitely recommend getting a choker like this. They go with anything and help spruce up the most boring of looks.


My shorts are from Charlotte Russe. If you don’t already know this, I wear them in tons of my looks. I always buy my shorts at Charlotte Russe because they are always super cute and last a long time.

My final item in this look is these Green Sandals from O’neil. I don’t know if they are still available, but I love them because they pair with tons of outfits. Plus, they are super easy to just throw on.

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