Ten Lies Every Beauty Addict Tells: The Ultimate Guide for Beauty Lovers

I’m so excited to share today’s post with you! It’s definitely been my favorite I’ve ever worked.  This is the start of a blog series I’m starting called “The Ultimate Guide for Beauty Lovers.” This series is going to include posts like this one, posts on beauty hacks, and more great stuff!  Follow my blog to stay updated on this series and some other great stuff!

So here it is: “Ten Lies Every Beauty Addict Tells”

1. “I’m only going to be in Sephora/Ulta for 10 minutes.”

We all know the truth about this one. You are never in their for ten minutes. Countless times I’ve tried to keep my shopping run in only a short amount of time, but I have always gotten caught up with swatching some new palette and such!

2.” I only spent a little money on makeup.”

You really didn’t. We all know you did a major haul to add to your already giant collection. You just have to say this to look a little better to those outsiders who don’t understand.

3. “I needed to buy it.”

You already have twenty other lipsticks in the same shade, but ok. There’s no changing a beauty addicts perspective on what they need to buy.

4. “Everybody but me has this product.”

Well, more like you and the hundred other people in your shoes who don’t get every single new makeup product.

5. “I need to buy it, because I have a coupon.”

Ya, for like ten percent off. And the sale is going to happen again next month. However, you need it now!


6. “I need it for Halloween.”

I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this one, but when I need some makeup for Halloween,  I go out and buy all the options I can. I already have the products, I just need more options.

7. “I am doing it for her.”

If you have a makeup budy, they are the PERFECT person to blame your beauty runs on. It works every time.

8. “I’m done buying makeup after this.”

Honey, if that was possible don’t you think we would have all done it a long time ago? Every single time I say this, I realize another makeup product that I need.

9. “I’m doing a natural makeup look today.”

Every once in a while, this is the truth for me… but usually, I get caught up in all those bright lip shades and poppin’ highlighters. We truly tried.

10. “I only did makeup for a few minutes today.”

This one can be true if I sleep through my alarm, but once you get caught up in that over the top makeup look, you can’t stop.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below on which ones you can relate to the most, and share this with another beauty lover!


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