Street Chic Outfit of the Day

I always love sharing outfits of the day with you guys, and especially this one! This is definitely a universal outfit. It can be dressed up a little more, or made casual!

As soon as I recieved this skirt in the mail from Shein, I was so thrilled to wear it. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with suede, so this item was the perfect match for me. This skirt is great because you can dress it up or down, casual or fancy. Plus it’s totally a reasonable price! I know I say a lot of things like this, but this is definitely a staple.

I paired this outfit with a top from Target and a choker from Forever 21. These items are pretty basic and easy to find a lot of places, but they definitely made the look.

I also paired it with a super cute clutch from Charlotte Russe.

I loved the overall classic vibe this skirt created for the look. It’s definitely a versatile item.

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!

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