Ittse Highlighter in the shade “Barbados”

Ittse was super awesome and sent me their lovely highlighter in the shade “Barbados.” I was super excited to try out this brand, because I love to find affordable brands with incredible products. I have found so many different products for affordable prices that I prefer way over expensive, well-known products. This highlghter is definitely one of those items.

I fell in love with their page as soon as I saw it! Their products have the cutest packaging and are super affordable. If I wasn’t in love with the brand by then, I definitely was when I received this highlighter. By the first swatch I knew this would be one of my go to highlighters. The product was SUPER pigmented and creamy. It was also super blendable.

One of the things I loved most about this highlighter is how buildable it is. You could just dust it on lightly for a little more natural, but still glowy look, or you can make it brighter than the stars.

Another thing that I thought was great about this brand is that they come panned, so you can put them in your Z Palette, because I know that is a huge thing nowadays.

And let me just tell you the best part: It is only $8.99!!!!! Like HOW?!?! I would easily choose this product over many of the highlighters I own that cost three to four times the amount. I’ve already used this product quite a few times, and it’s definitely one of my favorite highlighters I own.

This is a lot for me to say, because I usually go for white highlighters.”Barbados” is golden-toned and yet I’m still in love. Most of the gold tinted ones I haven’t liked because I’m so fair. However, this one is the perfect in between. It works for a great range of skin tones.

I would definitely recommend this highlighter. I am so glad I got to try this product, and I can’t believe I could have missed out on this incredible product. I’m definitely going to have to try more of their products!

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