My Denim Addiction: Make Me Chic

I mean, who isn’t obsessed with denim? Whether it’s a cute denim jacket or simple denim overalls, I just can’t get enough denim.

The moment I recieved this jacket I fell in love with it! I wore it that very night to dinner. I’m so obsessed with the rips, because it adds a totally grunge spin to any outfit.

I’m also wearing a lovely Daniel Wellington watch. Their watches are stunning! I’m usually not a huge watch person, but ever since I got this one, I have been in love with it. Plus, they are really good quality. For 15% off your order, use the code “Hannah_15”.

The top I am wearing is from Fashion Q, and I am wearing a a liquid lipstick in the shade “Dedicated” from the Balm Cosmetics. I got it in a set of six shades.  Hopefully I’ll have a blog post coming up on these liquid lipsticks, because they are AMAZING!

Make Me Chic also created a lovely giveaway for my followers! Make Me Chic has the awesomest stuff for some great prices, so definitely check it out!

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