The Balm Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Set Review

Today I’ll be reviewing a liquid lipstick set from the Balm Cosmetics. This liquid lipstick set retails for $29 and includes six mini shades of their liquid lipsticks from the brand including Charming, Sincere, Committed, Doting, Dedicating, and Loyal.

I consider myself knowledgable about liquid lipstick. If there is one product I know about, I feel like it would be liquid lipstick. I own tons of different brands and colors. However, I am rarely fully satisfied with the product.

So get ready…. I LOVED these! I don’t even know where to begin on these. First, I loved every single one of the colors. Usually, when I get a set of lip colors, there are some I love and some I don’t. However, each one of these colors I fell in love with.

The next thing I want to talk about is the formula. The formula lasts forever without being drying. Usually it either doesn’t last long enough, or it is too drying. However, this product has a weightless feel on the lips, AND it can last for like forever.

The final thing I love about these liquid lipsticks is the smell. They smell AMAZING! They kind of remind me of Andy’s Mints. I know for me, smell isn’t that huge of a factor when choosing a liquid lipstick, but it can be a nice bonus.

I’m so sorry I don’t have swatch pics for you guys. I had run out of lighting on the day I was photographing products. Just trust me when I say these are incredible!

Overall, I would definitely recommend checking out these liquid lipsticks. The set is a great value and has plenty of different colors to try!

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