Modern Renaissance Palette Review

Today I am going to share with you a palette that has been on my blog list to review for the longest time. The Modern Renaissance Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette retails for $42.

Let’s start with the packaging! I got to say, the pinky mauve suede made for a great picture and was SUPER pretty! I loved it! The only down side to the packaging is how dirty it gets. Their were stains on the suede right away, so be careful with it.

I really did like the color variety. It includes the basics, but it also includes a few extra shades for a little fun! You can create both natural and bold eye looks. The shade “Buon Fresco” really caught my eye.

The swatches didn’t really show the beauty of this palette good enough. The colors didn’t pick up as well on camera, but the right arm(up to down) is the top row (right to left). Sorry for doing the swatches kind of backwards, but hopefully it gives you guys a decent idea of what the colors somewhat look like.

The shadows were pigmented and blendable. The shades did have a LOT of fallout, so be aware of that when applying the shadows. This was actually one of the first palettes that I was totally contented with (besides the Tartelette). The shadows really impressed me. I would recommend this palette to both a beginner and advanced makeup artist. 

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