New Year’s Outfit Lookbook from Shein

With all the Christmas craziness, New Year’s sometimes gets lost. And then suddenly you realize that you forgot to plan an outfit for the fancy or casual New Year’s party you’re going to. Well… I’ve got you guys covered! In this look book, I’ll give you three versatile ideas for New Year’s! Shein and 2 See Life kindly gifted me these items to base these outfits around.

The first item I would like to share with you is for a more casual look. This Green Embroidered Jacket is the perfect addition to any outfit!  This adorable jacket is covered with super cute patches. I already wore it to a Christmas party, and every one of all ages loved it! The patches add such a cute complexity to it!


I paired this with a simple black t shirt and choker. The jacket pretty much speaks for itself, so you don’t have to get real fancy with it. Feel free to even pair it with a pair of statement shoes for a little addition.


The next item I am going to share with you would be perfect for a New Year’s Party! Shein’s High Low Silky Skirt is so gorgeous. The material was so comfy, and it made any top look super cute!


I paired this skirt with a bell sleeved black top! This skirt is super versatile and can be paired with a variety of options, but once again I would go with something a little more basic, because the skirt totally speaks for itself.


I also paired this outfit with these gorgeous Rose Gold Sunglasses from 2 See Life. The only issue with them is that they smudge and get scratched really easy, but I’ve never owned sunglasses without a thick frame, so it might just be normal. And guys…. their sunglasses are all around $10-$12! Super beautiful and incredible for the price!


The final item I want to share with you is Shein’s Khaki Trench Coat! Before you buy this, I do want to let you know that it’s not really a coat. It’s more like a shirt material, so if you are going out in the cold, you may want to layer up underneath. However, besides that, I totally loved it! It totally adds something to any look! A lot of coats, jackets, or cardigans dress down when you wear it with a fancy outfit. I loved this coat, because it didn’t do that and was the perfect thing to throw over a basic or complex look.

I also paired this look with Cat Eye Sunglasses from 2 See Life! Once again, another stunning pair of glasses for a great brand! What I love so much about their sunglasses is the colored lenses. They can dress any look up from bland to amazing! I don’t really put that much color in my outfits, so pairing these shades with my dull outfit adds a pop!

I paired this outfit with a simple tube top(as you see I do with a lot of my outfits). You can totally add something less simple underneath or once again use statement shoes.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Feel free to follow my blog via email if you would like to receive email notifications for my posts! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!




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