Chiffon and Sequins

Looking for a good brand to get a formal dress from? From a dress for prom to a fancy party, Shail K has it. Their brand features a variety of dress types of all lengths, styles and colors! Today I am doing a blog post on one of their lovely dresses that I fell in love with.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to create more formal looks on my blog. When I saw their brand, I knew I HAD to contact them and review one of their dresses on my blog. They kindly sent me this lovely dress to review for you lovelies!

First, let me say that this dress knocked me off my feet. This lovely nude two piece was so detailed! From all the details of the top and skirt, you could tell how much effort was put into this dress. I couldn’t help but think “How am I going to take pictures that justify this dress?” But I really didn’t have to worry, because this dress speaks for itself.

Their brand desires to create dresses that make everyone feel like a movie star. I have to admit, this dress did just that. It was very glamorous and had a edge of bohemian to it. As a lover of bohemian fashion, I wanted to find a dress for my formal that had a little bit of a boho chic vibe to it. This dress was the perfect match! The nude chiffon skirt off set the beading perfectly,creating a formal, yet bohemian look. So to all you bohemian lovers, Shail K has you covered with dresses that are fancy yet still lay on bohemian vibes!


I really loved how it was two pieced too. There is really not much you can change with a normal one piece formal dress. I mean, you can pretty much wear it one way. However, what I loved SO much about this dress is you can change it up. You could pair the top with different skirts and the skirt with different tops to dress it down or up. With this dress, you can totally show your own flair.

I am so extra. My pinterest board for formal dresses includes bedazzled dresses with long trains and tons of little details all over them. The dresses I added you would have to be a millionaire to own. However, this dress satisfied my longing to be extra. From the sequined top to the many layers of the chiffon skirt, this elegant dress was exactly what I wanted.

Is this one of those dresses that looks pretty, but falls apart in minutes? Definitely not! Not only was the dress stunning and beautiful, it was high quality and made with care!

Interested in buying a Shail K dress? Find a store near you to try on one of their lovely dresses! I’m sure as soon as you see their dresses and try them on, you will fall in love just like I did!

Thank you so much for reading today! Don’t forget to like and comment if you enjoyed this blog post!

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