My “I’d Rather Be at Disneyland” Look

Don’t you just always want to be at Disneyland? I know I do! Today I created a look that would be perfect to wear Disneyland or any ordinary day when those Disney vibes are kicking in.

Recently I’ve had an obsession with Midi Skirts… and this one is no exception! This skirt is so beautiful! The cut gives you a great waistline, and the colors are so gorgeous. Plus this is a great option to wear for valentine’s day!

I paired this skirt with a simple tank top. However, this skirt could be paired with a wide variety of tops (especially black ones).

I couldn’t find the exact link to these shoes, but I found a similar pair.  I felt like these shoes totally complemented the look and added the perfect classy touch to it.

And finally… you’ve got to have Minnie Mouse Ears! What a cute accessory to add for Disney vibes! I just want to wear them all the time, but I think I could get some weird looks in the grocery store.

I used the Morphe 35o PaletteMakeup Revolution Brow Kit, and Dodo Lashes(use my code “hannahjacquelinee” for 5% off) to create this makeup look. These are some of the same products I use to create a lot of my looks, but I always grab for those products first!

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