T Shirt Dress and Suede

Let’s be honest! Who doesn’t want to own a T Shirt Dress? And if you already do, who doesn’t want more? It’s such a basic yet cute staple! Today’s outfit is my version of the T Shirt Dress Look!

This T Shirt Dress is a super cute option! It’s simple so you can add your own flair to it. Plus, if you’re trying to find one you can afford, this is the one! It is only $15.90 and comes in several different colors.

I also paired this dress with a stunning Suede Jacket! I’m honestly shocked with the quality of this jacket. It’s super nice and looks expensive, but is still pretty affordable(especially since it is on sale)!

For details on on this makeup look, check out my last blog post. I shot both outfits the same day and talked about the details at the end!

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! Feel free to check out my Instagram for Sneak Peaks before the blog posts are published!

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