Colourpop Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow Review

Recently, I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend Generation Beauty. Generation Beauty is a beauty convention where many beauty lovers attend to meet brands and try out products. Brand sponsors also came and passed out deluxe to full sized products. One of my favorite booths was Colourpop. Colourpop let you pick four of their Pressed Powder Shadows for free and gave you a pallete to put them in. They had several of their normal shades and a few shades made exclusively for Generation Beauty.

I chose the shades “Say I Do,” “Come and Get It,” “High Strung,” and “Save it For Later(Going from left to right).” All the shades can be bought online, except for “Say I Do.”

I’m going to be totally honest here(as I always am). I’m not a huge fan of Colourpop’s cream eyeshadows. Even though the product is impressive, it’s just not one of those products that I grab ALL THE TIME(probably because I’m not a huge cream person). Well the Colourpop pressed pigment shadows worked their way into my heart. These are definitely one of those products that I have to FORCE myself not to grab.

I need to mention the blendability and pigmentation! They seamlessly blended together and were super soft. A lot of times for some shadows, the mattes will be good but the shimmer aren’t or the opposite way around. Nope! Both of them had the same silky feel with tons of pigment!

The colors are really gorgeous too. Even though the three shimmers looked similar, they all had different undertones(Pink, brown, and gold).

I can almost guarantee you that you will not find shadows as good as these for this price. They are only $5! The pigment was really impressive and was better than many high-end brands that I’ve tried. I honestly think I would grab this before most of my other palettes.

Just so you know, I currently have no affiliation with Colourpop. Everyone who attended Generation Beauty and visited that booth received some shadows and were not recquired to review them. These shadows truly grabbed me, and I definitely recommend buying them!

If it’s your first time ordering from Colourpop, they offer a $5 off coupon(which means one free shadow), so definitely check that out! They have many other great, super affordable products on their page, so feel free to check those out too!

If you are really interested in a Generation Beauty Recap, let me know, and I’ll do one! I also posted a lot on my Instagram about it, so feel free to check it out!

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