Beautycon BFF Box Review

Hello loves! Today I’m going to share with you the Beautycon Winter Box. Beautycon is a Beauty subscription service, where each box has a guaranteed over $100 value. Beautycon was kind enough to send me this box to review.

Each box is curated by a different beauty lover and is full of great goodies. Our box curator was Dulce Candy. Here is a list of everything the box included:
ALI & JAY – $50 off of $100 Coupon – @shopaliandjay

Artist Couture – Illuminati Diamond Glow Powder – @artistcouture

Biobelle – Botanic Fiber Facial Mask – @biobellecosmetics

ColourPop – Beautycon Exclusive Lipstick – @colourpopcosmetics

Garnier – Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water – @garnierusa

Kate Somerville – ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment – @katesomervilleskincare

L’Oréal Paris – Voluminous Lash Primer – @lorealmakeup

L’Oréal Paris – Voluminous Feline Mascara – @lorealmakeup

Luxie Beauty – Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Brush 522 – @luxiebeauty

Rimmel London – The Only 1 Surprise Lipcolor – @rimmellondonus

Skinvolve – Body Karate Cream – @skinvolve

Too Faced – Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer – @toofaced

The first item in the box was an Ali and Jay $50 off of $100. Ali and Jay sells trendy, super cute clothing pieces. I have not ordered from them before, but this coupon lets you try out something new!

The next item in the box was an Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in the shade “Illuminati.” And let me just say…. it is GORGEOUS! This highlighter will get you to the ultimate level of poppin’! It is gold toned, so it wasn’t the perfect color(since I have super fair skin). However it was definitely still lovely. It would be perfect to a medium to dark skin tone. This item retails for $27.

The next item in the box was a Biobelle Fiber Facial Mask with chocolate and acai. I’ve got to admit, I was a little nervous for this one. I loveeee chocolate, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted it on my face. When I first smelled it, I thought it smelled strong. However, once I put it on, it was a gentle fresh scent, not chocolate. So even if you aren’t a huge fan of chocolate, you will still enjoy this product! This item retails for $5.

The fourth item in the box was a Colourpop Lippie Stick in a Beautycon exclusive shade. This lippie stick was a beautiful mauvie nude with a satin finish. It was honestly the perfect in between for those days where I want to look natural, but beautiful. This item retails for $5.

The item after that in the box is the Garnier 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing water. I am obsessed! It cleanses, removes makeup, and refreshes. I have super sensitive skin, so I thought this might irritate it, but it didn’t. It also didn’t feel oily, which is a quality a lot of makeup removers don’t have. I believe it is full sized, and it retails for $9.

The next item in the box was a Kate Somerville exfoliater. I’ve heard quite a bit about this exfoliater, so I was pretty excited to try it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell, but it definitely did its job well. This item was travel sized and retailed for $24.

The seventh item in the box was a L’Oréal Mascara Primer. This started out being one of the items that I though I would use the least, but it ended up being one of my favorites. I’m not a huge mascara person, but this really did a good job. I definitely saw a difference between the mascara with and without the Primer. This item retails for $8.

The box also came with a L’Oréal mascara that went perfectly with the mascara Primer. I actually found my self reaching for this one more often then I would have expected too. It wasn’t clumpy at all either! This item retails for $9.

The next item in this box is a LUXIE Highlighting Brush. Well, of course I was stoked to see this one in the box! I love LUXIE Brushes so much. They are always so soft, and this one is no exception. I actually previously owned this, but lost t because I brought it with me everywhere. So I was so stoked to recieve this in the box. This brush retails for $24.

After that there was a Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in the shade “Surprise.” I believe this also was an exclusive shade. This bright pink with a shimmery finish is definitely a unique color. It wasn’t my favorite color, as I have been more into natural colors lately. However, if you love bold, you’ll love this one! The texture was really nice too! This item retails for $7.

The next item was the Skinvolve Karate Body Cream. My skin actually felt really refreshed after applying it, and I think I’ll be using this quite a bit in the future. This item retails for $40.

The final item I received in the box was the Too Faced Chocolate bronzer. I already own the Milk Chocolate one, and it’s my favorite. The Chocolate one is a little bit darker, but it will be nice for summer or when I want a darker look. This item is deluxe size and retails for around $10.

Over all this box was amazing and I gained several new favorites. My personal favorites were the Colourpop Lippie Stick, L’Oréal Mascara Primer, Luxie Brush, Artist Couture Highlighter, and Micellar Cleansing water. I totalled this box together, and besides the Ali and Jay coupon it had around a $168 value! This box only cost $29 and you can get $5 off if you use my coupon code “HANNAHJWINTER“.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post! Feel free to email subscribe if you love hearing about all the makeup and clothing that I’ve been collecting!

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