Travel Vibes Outfit of the Day

There’s nothing like traveling. I’ve always enjoyed long road trips and seeing the sites. This outfit look I’ve planned out is sure to bring travel vibes, whether you’re traveling or not.

The first item I included in this link is this Faux Suede Buttoned Skirt. I have included this item in past blog posts, and I want to feature it again, because I love t so much. It has a really nice aesthetic to it, and it is super affordable.

The next item I included in this post is these Silver Framed Glasses from Sojos. Sojos sells their shades on amazon for super afordable prices. These particular shades are super cute! They worked wonderfully with the aesthetic, and I’ve worn them several times already.

Finally I paired this with a travel shirt that I picked up from a small boutique. I wasn’t able to find it online, but you can put some of your own style in depending on which shirt you choose.
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