I Dyed My Hair!

Guess what! I dyed my hair! This has been a step I’ve been thinking about taking for the longest of time, and I finally did it! Overall, I was super happy with the results, and I really love the color.

I really wanted to do this blog post for you guys, so all of a sudden you don’t see me appear with red hair and wonder what happened. Anyways, I’ve been blonde my whole life, so this was a huge deal for me. However, ever since I was around eleven years old, I wanted to dye my hair red. So I figured it was time to give it a go. I used Wella Professional Color Charm Permanent Hair Color in the shade 8RG/729. I then used the Conair Curling Wand to style it.

One thing I really did like about dying my hair is it feels a lot healthier. I’ve grown up with damaged hair from using some bad products on it, but dying it made it look a lot healthier.

So far, I am loving the red hair life. I feel more bold, but it’s also harder to match my clothing and lipstick with it. I’ll definitely make sure to give you guys updates on how I like the hair color and what products I use. Leave a comment letting me know if you died your hair and product you use to keep up the color!

Thanks for stopping by!

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