Rose Embroidery

Of all the trends this season, rose embroidery is one of the biggest. When I saw this shirt from Shein, I knew I had to jump on the trend.

Shein was kind enough to send me this gorgeous top. I loved the rose embroidery, and it’s very modern.

I paired it with the a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans from Charlotte Russe. I’m not sure if these are the ones, but they’re at least quite similar.

I also paired this outfit with a green bomber jacket. This jacket I purchased from Fashion Q, but they don’t have an online site. So I’ll link something similar here.

For the shoes, I wore a pair of Heeled Combat Booties. I’m pretty sure I’ve paired these with like a ton of my outfits! They are always so adorable, and pretty much go with any outfit!

Overall, I really liked this outfit. The top was a little shear, but you can put something underneath it for the price.

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