Wet N Wild Liquid Lipstick Review

Who isn’t a sucker for good priced makeup? I know I sure am! Especially when it comes to liquid lipsticks, makeup can be super expensive! However, believe it or not, the product I’m going to share with you today only costs $5!

Today’s product I’m going to share with you is the Wet N Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick in the shade “Berry Recognize.” Now I just got to say, recently Wet N Wild has seriously stepped up their game! They’ve recently brought out tons of products that are absolutely incredible! This liquid lipstick is no exclusion!

First, I want to talk about the color. The color was a gorgeous plum/berry. I’m usually not a fan of colors like this, because I feel like they wash me out. However, I actually really loved this color, and I didn’t really feel like that at all.

Next, the formula was pretty comfortable. I didn’t notice it being drying either. After wearing it for a long time, it does fade away, but it does last a good couple hours.

Overall, I was a pretty big fan of this product, especially for the price. I love finding affordable substitutes, and this is definitely one!

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