Betty Berry Ru Moisturizer Review

Today, I’m reviewing the Betty Berry Ru Moisturizers! Betty Berry Ru is a line of products including moisturizers, nail wax, hair tonic, and body oil with a pinup girl theme! They were kind enough to send me two moisturizers to review.

Betty Berry Ru sent me two moisturizers in the scents “Daiquiri” and “Pina Colada,” and boy am I obsessed! Their products are all scented after different drinks including “Cosmopolitan,” “Mojito,” “Daiquiri,” and “Pina Colada.” They literally smell like heaven.

I have relatively sensitive skin, and these moisturizers did not bother my skin at all.  A lot of times moisturizers don’t work out for me because my skin gets really sticky/oily, but that was not the case with this product. When I applied it, it didn’t feel heavy or sticky at all.

Overall, I’ve seen my skin benefit quite a bit from this moisturizer, and this is definitely one of my new favorites.

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Disclaimer: This post includes products that were sent complimentary to review. All opinions are my own!

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