The Product to Give you Textured and Voluminous Hair: Marc Anthony Texture Spray Review

I’ve had a lot of you guys ask me how I do my hair, and today I have a product to share with you that has majorly added to my curly hair look. If you are interested in having more voluminous and textured hair, this product is for you!

The Marc Anthony Texture Spray retails for $8.99 and can be bought at Ulta, the Marc Anthony website, and several other drugstores and beauty stores! This texture spray is absolutely amazing! I didn’t see myself as the kind of person to be into a texture spray, but this one really does make a difference.

I first realized I really liked this product when I was going out for a photoshoot with second day curls. My curls usually stay in tact pretty well, but they still get kind of flat on the second day. I decided to try out Marc Anthony’s texture spray, and it added so much volume and texture to my hair! I’ve included photos of my hair that day; and as you can see, my curls looked so voluminous and almost brand new.

I’ve really enjoyed using this spray ever since then. It adds sooo much texture and volume, and the product also smells amazing! On top of that, this spray can also be used on straight hair to add texture and volume. However, I always make sure to use a hairspray on top this texture spray, because it doesn’t seem to hold super well.

This product is also a part of Marc Anthony’s Grow Long collection, which means it’s infused with Caffeine, Ginseng Extract, and Zeolite to help strengthen your hair and aid in growth. I think it’s amazing that they have this collection too, because it’s haircare that’s actually good for your hair, rather than being damaging like many hair products. I’ve struggled a lot with damaged hair throughout my life, and some of their repairing hair care has majorly changed my hair and healed a lot of damage, so it definitely works.

Overall, if you want to add more volume and texture to your hair, I would highly recommend this spray! It’s absolutely amazing and helps your hair to grow long at the same time, and you can pick yours up here!

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