Where to Get Your Affordable Custom Prom Dress this Season (ft. Jj’s House)

Prom season is making it more and more difficult to find a formal dress. Everyone wears the same thing, dresses don’t fit into your school’s dress code, or you just don’t like what they have in stores. I had those problems too, before I found Jj’s House.

Jj’s House is a prom and special occasion dress shop; and if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably heard a bit about them. They’ve sent me a few dresses, and I have absolutely loved each one of them. They recently sent me a new dress from their new collection, and I picked their Off-the-Shoulder Sweep Train Prom dress in Ink Blue. When I received it, they again greatly surpassed my expectations. The dress perfectly fit me and the material was so flowy and beautiful.

Jj’s House is such a great option for this prom season. Most of their dresses are $100-$200, and some are even less than that. You can customize the color for no extra charge and most have over 45 different colors available. Color swatches are also available for only $2 to make sure you get the exact color you want! Jj’s House will also issue a full refund for any damaged or defective items to make sure you receive exactly what you dreamed of.

They also arrived extremely fast! I’ve ordered four custom dresses from them, and they all arrived within about three weeks… which is insanely fast for a custom dress.

When it comes to prom for me, I’m extremely picky. I rarely ever find anything in store because I have specific taste, and even when I do find something, I’m not crazy over it. Jj’s House has been pretty much the only prom brand so far that has met my expectations in every way, and I love being able to personalize my dress to my specific tastes. I currently have a code for 10% off, so make sure to use “Hannah” when purchasing your dresses. I’m not being paid for this, nor will I receive a commission… I just really enjoy this brand!

Thank you so much for reading, and I truly hope you get to try this amazing brand. Can’t wait to see your beautiful dresses and share more of mine from them with you! Bye loves!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Jj’s House Off the Shoulder Dress

Shoes: Ami Club Wear Glitter Boots

Advertisement: Women’s Maxi Dresses

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