Little Yellow Dress

If you know me, you know I love yellow. There’s just something so beautiful and bright about the color, and just the look of it makes me happy! Today, I want to share with you my yellow look!

This yellow dress is from Forever 21 and is absolutely everything (pick it up here)! I love this dress, not just because it’s yellow, but it also can be dressed down or up. The cut is so cute, and I think it would be flattering with all body types.

I have been looking for a yellow dress for ages, and my best friend (check out her Instagram here) was amazing and hooked me up with this gorgeous yellow dress. Yellow has been one of my favorite colors for the longest of time, so this dress is definitely one of my new favorites.

I paired this look with a pair of pink suede heels from Fashion Q. Fashion Q doesn’t have an online shop, but you can find a similar pair from Charlotte Russe here.

Anyways loves, that’s all for today’s post! Don’t forget to comment and email subscribe if you enjoyed this post! Bye loves!

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