Budget that Beauty – Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter

Who doesn’t love popping highlighters, especially when they are affordable? I know I sure do! Today, I’m reviewing one of my favorite highlighters I’ve ever tried that’s perfect for any budget, the Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter. Continue reading “Budget that Beauty – Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter”

Generation Beauty LA 2018 + Event Recap and Swag Bag

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend Generation Beauty LA 2018. I remember when I first heard about Generation Beauty, I was super curious on what it was about. I couldn’t find a lot of details on line, so I wanted to do (and I noticed a lot of you guys wanted me to also do) a in depth blog post on Generation Beauty, what you get, and some of my tips and tricks for attending.

The Too Faced Photo Booth 💗

Generation Beauty is a makeup and beauty convention that many big name and smaller indie brands attend, hand out free samples at, and sell highly discounted products. This was my second year attending Generation Beauty LA. The first year, I attended with a complimentary creator pass, and this year, I attended with a highly discounted creator pass.

The Luxie Brush Booth

Generation Beauties are held annually all over, including LA, New York, San Francisco, Canada, and at many other locations (check here to see the next Generation Beauty coming up). Tickets can be purchased, if bought right away, for $89 and later on for $169. Your ticket includes access to two days of the convention, meet and greets, a gift bag, and much more.

The Pixi Beauty Booth with Wings and War Paint

The convention was open this year from 11-6 on Saturday and 11-4 on Sunday. I came a few hours early on Saturday, as there is usually a very long line to get in, and I wanted to jump in line for one of the big booths. I received my gift bag this year when I first got in line for the event and a wrist band.

The Luxie Beauty Booth with Creole_Goddess94 and Wings and War Paint

So basically, here’s how it goes. You receive a gift bag full of makeup, skincare, and hare care. This year’s bag was supposed to be valued at $400, and I believe it was just about that. On top of that, you get a wrist band that will be scanned at each booth, after waiting in a line. After you’ve been scanned, you will recieve a freebie for usually doing some sort of activity such as following the brand on Instagram or taking a picture at the photo booth. These freebies range from full sized products (Physcian’s Formula gave out a full sized lluminating primer and Mac gave out a full sized lipstick) to deluxe samples (Too Faced gave out a mini face primer and Jouer color matched us with mini foundations).

The Mac Cosmetics Booth with Wings and War Paint and Kandee Johnson

If the booth is selling products, you recieve your sample after purchasing (if you do decide to purchase products… you don’t have to). The booths are usually highly discounted too. Too Faced was selling many of their new launches for 40% off, The Balm was selling 50% off, and so on.

The IBY Beauty Booth with Aprilmd100

On top of that, well known influencers attend and host meet and greets, which are free to attend. This year many influencers including Nikita Dragun, Nicole Guerriero, and Kandee Johnson attended. I had met Kandee Johnson at a previous convention, and she’s so down to earth and sweet; so we of course had to say hi!

The Too Faced Booth with Mandi Glitter, Wings and War Paint, and Cloesshi

Honestly, I absolutely love attending this event. There’s been a few little issues in the past, but Ipsy has always done a wonderful job hosting this event. I always come home with tons of new products to try, and there are tons of photo opps, some where they even print out little pictures for you. It’s 100% worth it.

With Castania Monet, XOXO Charlie, and Wings and War Paint

I especially love attending as a blogger. Brands take this opportunity to network with creators. If you are attending and are an influencer, make sure to bring business cards. It’s a wonderful opportunity to ask to speak to the PR director, introduce yourself, exchange business cards, try out some of their products, and develop relationships with brands. Some of my best collaborations have come from events like these, because you actually get to know the brands, and it makes it so much more than just recieving products!

The Marc Anthony Booth

I’ve included images at the bottom of this blog post of all the stuff any general attendee would recieve free if they attended the same booths as I did (the Bella pierrre palette, Bella Pierre lip set, IGK hair foams, Derma E powder, Pixi toner, and Marc Anthony hair cocktails were gifted as PR from the brands and the Pixi Liquid Eyeshadow was purchased).


Overall, if you’re considering attending, here’s a few tips that I’ve discovered:

Come early on Saturday. They have to close some of the lines if they are too full, so if you get in early enough, you can jump in one of the lines for a big brand that will most likely be full most of the event.

Have your camera makeup on! You’ll be taking pictures all day, so make sure to have on a look that you’ll want to shoot.

As the event starts to end, don’t leave until it’s officially over. I’ve found that around 1 hour before it’s supposed to close, people start to leave. The lines get a lot shorter, so it’s a great time to jump from booth to booth.

Expect to wait. You’ll be waiting in a lot of long lines all day to get products, so bring a friend or just be prepared.

Dress comfortably. Yes, you’re reading this right. I’m making a rule that I broke(see the white heels with the pink dress 😂). Well, dress in a way that’s comfortable enough to you, because you’ll be on your feet all day. Heels actually don’t really bother me, so I decided to just go for it. I didn’t regret it.

A few tips for creators thinking about attending:

Check out Ipsy OS! They give out ticket discounts, invites to Pre-Generation Beauty parties, and sometimes even complimentary Generation Beauty tickets. It’s also an awesome group of like-minded, helpful creators!

Make sure to bring business cards. Brands will want to be able to keep your information to possibly contact you afterwards, and it definitely makes you look more professional.

Have a short elevator pitch prepared. When you ask to speak to the marketing/PR director, you’ll want to introduce yourself and say your elevator pitch. Your elevator pitch should be short, include a little about yourself, and I like to add something unique about me and my demographic.

Wear something that embodies your content, but also something semi-unique that’ll make you stand out. This one is kind of self explanatory. Brands are being given business cards all day, so it’s nice for them to see something or someone a little different/unique.

Be personable with brands, and don’t just look for product. Brands tend to like to work with people they like, and it’s so much more rewarding and interesting to get to know and build a relationship with the marketing team.

Send follow up emails a few days afterwards. Brands are usually super busy, so I think it’s very personal and helpful to send an email reminding them of your conversation and just following up.

Anyways, that’s all the tips I have! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below! If you are interested in attending, make sure to check the Generation Beauty page here for the next event coming up. Whether you are a creator or just like makeup, I would highly recommend attending! It’s sooo worth it!

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored, but I was given a discounted ticket to attend this event. All opinions are my own.

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Budget that Beauty – Pixi Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Review

Today, I’ve got another product to save all you beauty lovers some money: the Pixi Liquid Lipsticks!

Pixi Beauty recently launched their collection of Matte Last Liquid Lipsticks, and I couldn’t have been more excited! They retail for $14 each and can be purchased at Pixi’s site, Target, and several other places that sell Pixi and drugstore products. I got some of their new liquid lipsticks in the shades “Really Rose,” “Au Naturelle,” “Matte Beige,” and they were so good that I really wanted to review them for you guys.

The formula was one of the things that made me love these liquid lipsticks. They are not drying at all, which is a problem I run into with a lot of drugstore liquid lipsticks, and they are also SUPER comfortable. The formula reminded me of and was super similar to the Tarte Cosmetics Lip Paints, which are $20! Also like the Tarte Lip Paints, they weren’t the longest lasting liquid lipstick I’ve tried, but it did last a decent amount of time, especially for a drugstore product.

The colors that I got were absolutely gorgeous too. The collection has six shades which are mainly nudes, pinks, and mauves. I think these shades are amazing, because they provide a more natural, everyday option to purchase, and I know for me, I usually tend to revert to these tones on a natural makeup day.

One of my favorite things about these liquid lipsticks, though, is the applicator. I’ve talked before about how much I love Smashbox’s and Beauty Bakerie’s pointed applicators, and Pixi has a pointed one too. The pointed applicators make applying it so much easier, and I never have to use lip liners when they are pointed like that.

Image from PixiCosmetics.com

Here’s a recap of the pros and cons!


  • Comfortable
  • Not drying
  • Easy application
  • Natural color options
  • Affordable


  • Could last longer
  • Not a huge color range

If there is any type of product that I feel like I know the most about, it’s liquid lipsticks. I wear liquid lipstick almost every day, and I’ve tried TONS of different brands of liquid lipsticks. So it means something when I say that these liquid lipsticks are really good! I would go as far to even say that these are my favorite drugstore liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried!

Anyways, that’s all for today! Make sure to check out my other Budget that Beauty posts for more great drugstore products if you enjoyed this post! Bye loves, and thanks for stopping by!

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored but does include affiliate links. All opinions are my own. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, please consider purchasing through my links, as this does help me to purchase more products to shoot and review for my readers.

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